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Computex: BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W, two new CPU coolers

Power supplies might not be the most exciting products in the world, but advances are still being made and be quiet! launched its new 850W Dark Power Pro 10 model at Computex. The company is known for its low noise products and the Dark Power Pro 10 series is no different.

Some of the neat features of the Dark Power Pro 10 850W include rubberised sides that don’t take up any extra space, yet offers vibration reduction, a rubberised “grommet” for lack of a better word around the ATX power cable and even the fan has rubber vibration dampening. Besides of the ATX cable, this is a fully modular PSU and it also supports fan control of up to for chassis fans.

It can also be switched between single rail and multi-rail for those that feel multi-rail isn’t for them and there’s even an external switch supplied with the PSU that allows you to switch between the two modes on the fly. The company told us that quite a few users have wondered why be quiet! doesn’t do so called “semi-passive” PSUs and the answer is simple.

Have a look at the graph and you’ll see that the noise level from the Dark Power Pro 10 850W is a mere 12dB up to 70 percent load and it only peaks to about 24dB at 100 percent load.

This is much quieter than any similar PSU in the market at the moment and part of the reason for this is the highly efficient components inside and as such this PSU carries 80 Plus Platinum approval. We should also point out that unlike some manufactuers, be quiet! tests the entire noise level of the PSU, not just the fan noise, as often there are other components making noise inside a PSU and if you’ve ever heard a PSU with whining chokes, then you know what we’re talking about.

Kitguru says: The Dark Power Pro 10 850W should be arriving within the next 2-3 weeks’ time, although we don’t have pricing at hand. We already reviewed the 550W, and you can read it over here.

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