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Computex: Thermaltake shows off new cases, headphones and more

We got a quick guided tour of the Thermaltake booth at Computex and the company is working on a wide range of new products, but for the first time Thermaltake is also looking at making some products for the console market as well as your average consumer. We’ll start with Thermaltake’s more traditional product ranges though which is cases and cooling.

First up we have the new Soprano which is a new low-noise chassis from the company. Beyond the four internal 3.5-inch drive bays, single front mounted 3.5-inch drive bay and four 5.25-inch drive bays; the Soprano also sports a top mounted hard drive dock. The side panels feature noise dampening foam and the Soprano also sports a front door to further reduce noise.

Next up we have the new, smaller Armor Revo Gene which will come in white or black with aluminium “wings” at the front. As with the Soprano, the Armor Revo Gene comes with a hard drive dock at the top, but it sports six internal 3.5-inch drive bays and four 5.25-inch drive bays. The left side panel also features a small hook for you to hang your headset on and it also comes with a 200mm side mounted fan as standard.

Thermaltake is also bringing back the Level 10, but this time as a limited edition in silver, although it looks white in our pictures. It will be limited to a run of only 300 units for a crazy price tag of US$999 a pop. The only apparent upgrade over the original Level 10 is the inclusion of four USB 3.0 ports.

Of course Thermaltake was also displaying its Level 10M gaming mouse and unlike back at CeBIT, this time around we actually got to touch it. If you have small hands, this mouse isn’t for you, as it’s really quite long and as such it doesn’t appear to be for “claw” grip gamers either. The build quality seemed to be very good though and it will come in all four colours in the picture. We were hearing a launch price figure of around US$80-90 but it hasn’t been set in stone from what we could tell, but it will definitely be retailing for below US$100.

Also on display was Thermaltake’s new Water 2.0 series of water coolers, with the Pro featuring a 120mm radiator with a single fan, the Performer adding a second fan and the Extreme coming with a larger 240mm radiator and two fans. Apparently the Water 2.0 is designed by Thermaltake rather than being a re-branded Asetek cooler, despite the similarities in design.

An upgraded version of the Meka G1 keyboard was also on display and Thermaltake will offer it with a range of backlight colours, but otherwise no major changes have been made.

Next up we have the Chronos gaming headset which is also known as the Shock One in its console version. This is very much a headset for those wanting to show off, as it has red LED’s just about everywhere. Also on display was the Shock One X-Box which as the name suggests is made to work with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, but is otherwise the same as the PC version with the small exception of the colour which is green for the Xbox version versus red for the PC version.

Finally Thermaltake was showing off its new Dracco series of more consumery products, although as you can see from our pictures, smack bang in the middle is yet another gaming headset known as Captaion Dracco. It’s using a similar design to the new Dracco headphones, but with a bit less bling and it does of course sport a foldable mic as well. The headsets appear to be targeting the same crowd that buys Skullcandy or Beats, with various colour options on offer, although we’re not sure how many of these will actually make it to retail. The ones with gold trim are part of the Dracco Signature series which is meant to feature “DJ-optimized frequency response” and a detachable cable.

Kitguru says: It’s pretty clear that Thermaltake is trying to expand its product lines and trying to build up its Tt eSports brand further, so it’ll be interesting to see what else the company has coming.

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