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Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Motherboard – packs a punch at £80

Rating: 9.0.

At the beginning of May we reviewed the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H which delivered great performance at a modest price point around £160. Today we are looking at the budget GA-Z77-D3H which retails in the UK for only £80.

At half the price is this useless for the overclockers on a tight budget, or can it be pushed past 4ghz? What about 4.5ghz? We partner the board up with a Core i7 3770k and a Thermaltake Frio Extreme cooler.

Gigabyte have released a series of quality products this year and they are fighting hard against the competition for Z77 market share. When they told us that they had a high quality board capable of serious overclocks at only £80, we remained skeptical. We should expect some compromises at this price point, but would the power delivery be weak, resulting in a board only good at reference clocks?

The Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H incorporates their proprietary 3D Power system: Digital Voltage, Frequency and Phase Control. We have seen this in operation before with their UD5H board and it proved rock solid, so we hope it will be up to scratch with this budget board. GIGABYTE’s 3D Power features precise Auto Voltage Compensation to deliver a steady flow of power to the system, no matter the loading.

This board also ships with their 3D BIOS which strips out all the complex settings for inexperienced users, who just want to tweak the board without having to learn a variety of settings. For added peace of mind, the board also ships with a dual UEFI bios configuration for fallback in case of hardware failure.

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  • Joseph Rha

    shall have to pick one of these up. how come scan have such a low price compared to everyone else in the UK?

  • Davis

    Wow that is impressive for such a cheap board. I was contemplating sticking a 120mm fan over my 920 Antec cooler for this board. just so the surrounding componetns get some cooling. What do you think? good idea?

  • Ernie

    Good value, but id aim a bit higher for more connectivity. oc is good, but gigabyte are always good for ocing

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