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Computex: HIS is readying its Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X2

With no Radeon HD 7990 in sight from AMD, HIS has decided to do its own dual GPU card in the shape of the Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X2 which is a triple-slot monster card. The company was also showing off its single GPU Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X which the company is targeting towards overclockers.

We don’t have much in terms of details with regards to the Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X2 apart from the fact that we’re looking at a custom made PCB with a triple-slot cooler with individual heatpipes for each of the GPUs. The card sports no less than three 8-pin power connectors, so we’re talking a seriously power hungry card here that will most likely go well beyond the 300W limit. Connectivity wise the card will support CrossFireX via a single header and it has a dual-link DVI port and four mini DisplayPort connectors.

The Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X sports a similar design, but it’s only a dual-slot card with a different heatpipe design. It sports a custom 18+1+1 PWM design, compared to reference cards that use a 5+1+1 design. HIS has also added dual 8-pin power connectors and a set of LED lights that indicate GPU Voltage and fan speed depending on which colour they light up in.

An interesting feature that we haven’t seen on any other card so far is the option to switch between five and six display outputs. The card has as you can see from the pictures, four mini DisplayPort connectors, a dual-link DVI port and an HDMI port. Press the button on the rear of the card and the HDMI port is enabled by switching the dual-link DVI port to a single link DVI port. It’s an interesting idea and allows a single card to be used for multiple purposes.

Kitguru says: be sure to upgrade your power supply!

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  • Davis

    Thats a few of these made now, by HIS, TUL etc. I wonder how they work if AMD haven’t came up with the design? only company I know who could really do this well was ASUS with the MARS and ARES.

  • JOhn

    id rather wait on AMD’s officall 7990 as they will iron out the issues first.

  • Rytis

    Computex is over 7990 is not even heard of nothing and nothing mentiond in AMD home page neither facebbok , so ill just buy 690 gtx screw you AMD

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  • aussie coalition fighter

    i have the 7970 icqx2 and it is a fabulos card…i paid top dollar for it….and can tell evey1 reading this…you will not be dissapointed…this card allows me to enter any game of my choice with max settings and to feel the confidance doing so…..mani just cant tell you how good an experiance this card is….gobuy 1….go use A FREINDS PC OR WOT EVER….but im tellin you this is a really good experiance.