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Computex: Asus Tytan CG8890 desktop expands at button touch

The one product line in Asus’ R.O.G. series that hasn’t really impressed so far is its desktop systems, least not because of the rather strange looking chassis Asus has stuck with over the years. The new Tytan CG8890 appeared to be using the same old tried and trusted design at first, except it turned out it wasn’t exactly the case.

On previous iterations of the chassis the button on the top left corner was used for overclocking the CPU, however in the CG8890 it makes the chassis expand. This might sound incredibly odd at first, but if you take a peek at the pictures, you’ll notice that both of the side panels as well as the rear of the chassis opens up to reveal additional cooling fans.

Behind each of the side panels are what appears to be three 120mm fans and a pair of 92mm fans at the rear. Asus claims that this was done to allow for extra cooling during heavy overclocking or intense gaming sessions even in the hottest of climates, but we have a feeling they really did it just because they wanted a differentiator and because it’ll make your mates freak out the first time you show them the case opening up.

Inside the chassis is one of Asus’ LGA-2011 R.O.G. motherboards, but sadly we forgot which model, but it should be the Rampage IV Formula. Throw in an Intel Core i7-3960X, 16GB of DDR3 2,133MHz memory, a GeForce GTX 690 graphics card, a pair of 128GB SSD’s in RAID 0 and a 2TB hard drive, Asus Xonar DX audio and a Blu-ray writer and you got a recipe for one seriously expensive gaming PC.

Would you buy a pre-built gaming PC from Asus? We’re not sure we would, no matter how many funky features the chassis has, but then again we like to tinker with our own hardware, so the R.O.G. Tytan series was most likely never really intended for us in the first place.

Kitguru says: an improvement or not?

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