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Computex 2023: Corsair debuts iCUE Link component ecosystem, Dominator Titanium and more

Today at Computex, we headed over to Corsair's suite and to our surprise, they had created a studio set specifically for YouTubers to utilise for showing new hardware. Join Leo and Mat as they dive into all the latest from Corsair and Elgato. 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Corsair Studio
  • 00:18 Corsair RGB showcase
  • 02:09 Corsair control unit
  • 05:18 Magnetic fan joining / thermistor
  • 05:45 New Pumps
  • 06:09 Corsair Dominator Titanium memory
  • 07:19 Elgato Updates
  • 08:59 Leo recap

Corsair has two major product launches arriving at Computex. The first is iCUE Link, a new Smart Component Ecosystem. Using iCUE Link components, you can daisy chain your hardware, including case fans, liquid cooling components and RGB accessories. This greatly reduces the number of cables and makes for an easier installation process too. Each iCUE Link component has a built-in microcontroller that communicates with the system hub, enabling synchronisation and complex RGB lighting effects throughout the PC.

The second major announcement is the new Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 memory. Built using the fastest DDR5 ICs available, alongside Corsair's patented DHX cooling tech for memory, these modules aim to offer the best possible overclocking performance and speeds for both Intel and AMD-based systems. Out of the box, Corsair is promising speeds of up to 8,000MT/s and capacities up to 192GB (4x 4GB). As you would expect, there is an RGB LED lightbar on top of the heatsink, with 11 individually lit ARGB LEDs. These will no doubt be very expensive memory modules for those seeking top-end components.

Alongside all of this, Corsair is bringing upgrades to its iCUE software and the Elgato Stream Deck plugin. For starters, iCUE is getting smaller, so it takes up less space on the system. iCUE will now be ‘modular', so you can add the features you want/need through plugins, such as the Nvidia Broadcast plugin.

For users of the Elgato Stream Deck, the new iCUE plugin means you'll now be able to control iCUE settings from the Stream Deck. With this updated plugin, you can now change lighting profiles on the fly, view your PC temps and stats, adjust cooling presets, mute your microphone, adjust EQ settings and surround sound, and control NVIDIA Broadcast with just a keypress.

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