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Computex 2023: Phanteks debuts new NV5 and NV9 cases, cable-less PSUs and more

Phanteks had a fully booked suite at Computex this year, with fellow YouTubers like Gamers Nexus and Paul's Hardware roaming the room alongside us. This year, Phanteks is debuting new NV-series cases to follow up on the fantastic NV7, alongside new AIO coolers and even cable-free power supplies. 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Power supplies with no cables
  • 01:48 Cooler spotlight / D30-140
  • 02:50 NV5 and new screen design
  • 05:38 NV7
  • 06:14 NV9 and GPU mount
  • 07:37 Enthoo Pro II Server Edition

Our first stop at the Computex suite was the power supply section. Moving forward, Phanteks plans to offer an option for consumers to buy power supplies without cables, which would ship in a smaller box and result in decent savings for the consumer. The idea would then be you could re-use your current power supply cables, or you could go a step further and grab some custom cables from the likes of Cablemod.

The Phanteks Glacier One 360D30 is an upgraded version of the AIO liquid cooler with D30-120 fans. These fans can be chained together for easy installation and they also offer smooth RGB lighting throughout the fan blades.

Following up on the successful NV7 chassis, Phanteks is now launching the NV5, a smaller version of the NV7. It did look stunning in the showcase build we saw on display. The NV5 does come with some additional accessories too, including magnetic RGB strips. However, it does not ship with any pre-installed fans. An LCD Display attachment will be available eventually, offering a magnetic QHD LCD display with HDMI connectivity. An NV9 chassis is also on the way later in the year, an even bigger version of the case, with an inclined GPU mount.

Finally, Phanteks is also debuting the Enthoo Pro II Server Edition, a huge, industrial-looking chassis for multi-GPU workstations and servers with need for plenty of storage drives.

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KitGuru Says: What do you all think of Phantek's upcoming cases? Would you prefer to buy a power supply without cables at a discount? 

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