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Computex: bequiet! reveals new power supplies, a limited edition chassis and two new CPU coolers

At Computex today, Leo had the chance to catch up with bequiet!, checking out some new power supplies, a new white edition of the Dark Base Pro 900, a new Shadow Rock air cooler and a new Silent Loop liquid cooler.

In the power supply section, bequiet! had two new models to show off, the first is the Straight Power 11 and features LLC + SR + DC/DC for improved stability. It also comes with a 135mm SilentWings 3 fan for reduced noise, Japanese capacitors, an 80Plus Gold efficiency rating and a five year warranty. Beyond that, it is designed to be wire free on the DC side, which means there is no obstruction to airflow, increases longevity and the connections between components are shorter to decrease signal disturbances.

The second power supply is the SFX L, which should be compatible with most SFX cases, though this one manages to squeeze in a 120mm fan whereas most others can only fit an 80mm. This is an 80Plus Gold rated supply with LLC + SR + DC/DC topology. It comes in 500W and 600W models and should be available in August for €109 or €129 depending on wattage.

The Dark Base Pro 900 has been a huge success for bequiet!, we reviewed it some time ago and gave it our Worth Buying award. At Computex, bequiet! launched an all new White Edition with a large 4mm thick tempered glass window with rubber sealing. The tray can slide around or be taken out of the system entirely to accommodate different motherboard sizes or an open-air test bench setup. Beyond that, HDD cages are singular so you only need to install what you need. Water cooling can be mounted in all areas with tons of support for various radiator sizes ranging from 120mm all the way up to 420mm.

There are new sound insulation materials in place and three pre-installed Silent Wing 3 fans to keep things cool. This is a limited edition chassis though and will be limited to 2000 units. It will be available in September for €269.

There were two CPU coolers to look at this week, the Shadow Rock TF 2 and the Silent Loop 360. The former is a top flow air cooler with 112mm of height, air guiding fins and a direct connection between the baseplate and 18 fins for quicker heat transfer. There are 6mm heat pipes, a 135mm bequiet! fan and in all, it is rated to cool up to 160W of power. It will be available within the next month for €60.

The Silent Loop 360mm on the other hand is an AIO liquid cooler. It has a reverse flow and decoupled pump, which is a first for AIO units. This cooler uses flexible tubes with bend protection to avoid cracks and leaks, it also has a refill port if you need to change the coolant. This cooler will be available from the end of June for €159.

KitGuru Says: Bequiet! had a decent amount to show off this year. Are any of you currently using any bequiet! gear as part of your setup?

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