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Workers at Chinese tech factories ‘too poor to pay income taxes’

Nightline presenter/anchor Bill Weir was invited to the factories that build Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone. In his report for  the ABC ‘Nightline’ show which is due to air tonight he said that building them is boring and that the pay isn’t good either.

Apple aren’t the only company who use Chinese factories to build their products. Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard and Motorola rely on manufacturer’s such as Foxconn. Apple are one of the biggest partners however and are often singled out by the media when it comes to discussing working conditions in Chinese factories.

Bill Weir was invited over, after the New York Times had a close look at Apple’s manufacturing practices earlier this month. Since then, 250,000 people have signed a petition to help improve working conditions in Chinese Factories where Apple products are built.

An executive at Foxconn told Weir that he wouldn’t have been invited if it wasn’t for the negative press after suicides and explosions at the factories. Foxconn had to install ‘suicide nets’ on their buildings.

Weir reported that the factories are very busy and that one employee who has to grab iPad housings and file the aluminum shaving said “I lot of times I think about how tired I am.”

She takes a two hour bus ride once a month to see her children. They are paid $1.78 per hour. This means that workers at the factories never can afford the Apple hardware they build. Weir said that even for China that workers are too poor to pay income taxes. This is a frightening thought.

Kitguru says: You think you have tough working conditions? then think again.

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