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The history of Samsung includes a lot more than just smartphones

Samsung: the South Korean based technology giant everyone is talking about, mainly due to anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the follow up of arguably the best Android phone ever. It also turns out they manufacture boatloads (literally) of different products in massively varied industries.

While they are mostly known for smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions, they also produce tankers and passenger ships and own South Korea’s largest theme park. Even some of their office buildings are located in Samsung Town, a large office park in Seoul, South Korea.

But wait, it gets better (or more threatening) another subsidiary, Samsung Techwin, produces gun-wielding guard robots and the K9 Thunder which is a mobile artillery unit.

While I could ramble on about Samsung’s history in words; if a picture is worth a thousand words then this video from CNET is worth over 5 million assuming some basic math is used.

Kitguru says: Who knew Samsung held so many interests. Personally I would love to see them be as dominant in other areas while still producing brilliant smartphones and tablets.

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