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Ubisoft is opening a Theme Park

As the video games industry matures and publishers amass an ever increasing line-up of intellectual properties, it seems as though the next logical step in their minds is to build a theme park. Nintendo did it, and now Ubisoft is following in their tracks, as the publisher has announced their …

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Ubisoft is planning its own theme park

Now for the unexpected news of the day, it turns out that Ubisoft is currently planning to build and open up its own theme park in 2020. The park is set to be built-in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, with all attractions being placed indoors and spread out over 10,000 square …

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The history of Samsung includes a lot more than just smartphones

Samsung: the South Korean based technology giant everyone is talking about, mainly due to anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the follow up of arguably the best Android phone ever. It also turns out they manufacture boatloads (literally) of different products in massively varied industries. While they are mostly …

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