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LN2: So what is the real cost of Liquid Nitrogen?

Whenever a web site wants to wow and woo its audience, they reach for the HD cams and go in search of some serious overclocking. More often than not, the coolant of choice is Liquid Nitrogen, but have you ever wondered how much the stuff costs?  KitGuru dons protective gear and heads off in search of an independent supplier in the Essex region.

When a couple of Polish scientists first liquefied nitrogen at Jagiellonian University in 1883, Zygmunt Wróblewski and Karol Olszewski probably had ambitions that their new invention would somehow aid humanity, cure illnesses and feed the poor.

Cure illnesses? OK, so you can remove warts with it, but that's not so exciting.

Aid humanity?  If you count the preservation of blood, then maybe.

Feed the poor?  Well, it can play a part in the creation of some weird and wonderful ice cream flavours – but we have no evidence that these are big sellers in/around the Sahara.

What LN2 does very well is cool down components. It is inert, easy to liquefy and transport and works very well thank you when it comes to chilling the chips. Computer, not McCain's.

As PCTV's cameras found at the recent overclocking of an AMD Bulldozer FX chip past the magic 8GHz barrier, it is one of the more photogenic chemicals – but how much does it cost?

Well, KitGuru spies have lined up a purchase of 480 litres for some demonstrations that will take place at Dennis Publishing's London International Technology Show (LITS), at the Excel centre in East London, this weekend.

The well-named Nitrogen Services Limited company of South Ockendon sell the stuff for around 40p per litre. There are additional costs as well, for example renting the container, delivery and special handling equipment and hoses – but the liquid juice itself is MUCH cheaper than Coca-Cola (recently spotted in stores at £1.59 for a 2 litre bottle).  So there you have it: All the fun and danger you can eat, for just 40p a litre.

Return of the Mac as the AMD chaps reach the LN2 Finnish line

KitGuru says: PLEASE don't mess with this stuff. While it looks like great fun when handled by professionals, tanks have been known to explode (Austin, Texas) – so be careful. If you want to see it done right – come along to the Excel centre on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Much safer!

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