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Multiplay documentary launched to celebrate i50

As the i-Series of gaming LANs passes into its 17th year, the organisation behind it has released an epic documentary that charts its history – from humble beginnings to i50 glory. KitGuru pulls up a comfy chair, pops the corn and forces YouTube to 720p goodness.

When medical student Craig Fletcher pondered a router system that would allow a ton of mates to play games like Doom II together, the world of technology was very different from what we know today.

While the Multiplay i-Series (Insomnia) was being born, here’s a snap shot of the news that was exciting geeks across the globe:-

  • AMD purchased X86 chip designer NexGen – preparing for its battle against Intel
  • IBM began offering OS/2 as a multi-tasking, windows-based operating system
  • Duke Nukem 3D launched
  • The Conner hard drive company is absorbed into Seagate
  • Apple introduced the Newton Message Pad (tablets will never take off – give up chaps!)
  • Microsoft launches something called Flight Sim
  • It also pushes out something called Direct3D for the first time – in an attempt to separate games from hardware

More importantly, 3Dfx launched the Voodoo graphics card and John Carmack delivered Quake to an unsuspecting world.

This Multiplay documentary gives you a fascinating insight into the region’s oldest, largest and most important LAN gaming event – with some classic footage – well worth a watch!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgRm7gdw6Gs’]

KitGuru says: Thank god Craig Fletcher didn’t go into surgery. While a few lives might have been saved under his scalpel, tens of thousands of gamers would have lost out on the unique experience that is the i-Series.

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