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Multiplay documentary launched to celebrate i50

As the i-Series of gaming LANs passes into its 17th year, the organisation behind it has released an epic documentary that charts its history – from humble beginnings to i50 glory. KitGuru pulls up a comfy chair, pops the corn and forces YouTube to 720p goodness. When medical student Craig …

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What’s on at Multiplay i50

If you’re thinking of heading down to Multiplay’s 50th ever iSeries event in Telford this weekend, but you’re not sure if it’ll be worth the trip, have a look at what we’ve been looking at and playing today and once you’re finished, you’ll know whether you want to or not. …

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Multiplay Insomnia 50 officially kicks off

The 50th ever (at least officially) Insomnia, iSeries, i50, gaming mecha festival has now begun for real, with the opening ceremony as always disseminating freebies to the early arrivals. Taking to the stage to kick things off we had Paradox video producer Matt “A_Spec’ Hoving, along with Multiplay head and …

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MSI giving away all sorts at Multiplay i50

If you’re heading to the Multiplay i50 event, not only can you be on the lookout for yours truly, but MSI’s notebook booth is also worth a visit, as it’ll be giving away all sorts of goodies over the four day event, including Steam games, tickets to the next insomnia …

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Multiplay i49 Roundup – booth babes within!

As Multiplay’s largest ever Insomnia LAN draws to a close, we thought we would take a look around and show those of you who weren’t lucky enough to make it this year what you missed out on! Overclockers UK Overclockers UK had a lot of exciting stuff on display, most …

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