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MSI giving away all sorts at Multiplay i50

If you're heading to the Multiplay i50 event, not only can you be on the lookout for yours truly, but MSI's notebook booth is also worth a visit, as it'll be giving away all sorts of goodies over the four day event, including Steam games, tickets to the next insomnia event and more.

There won't be any new motherboards or graphics cards on show this time around, but there will notebooks – lots and lots of notebooks. At the booth you'll be able to find out about the new range of products they have available, plus take part in a friendly League of Legends tournament and possibly walk away with some great prizes.


You'll need five players to take part, since it will be a traditional 5v5 matchup on the Summoner's Rift, but you don't need to pay to enter. Likewise it's open to those that don't' have a BYOC ticket too, so even if you're just popping in for the day to see what's going on, feel free to take part. The team that beats the bots in the quickest time will be the winners, securing themselves five tickets to the next iseries event in the process.

Most people will be able to grab a MSI swag bag though, which will have a few goodies in, but little competitions running throughout the weekend will give you the chance to win some free Steam games too.

Also if you're looking to buy a new laptop, there will be some event specific discounts, so if you're on the market for something new and portable, check it out.

Kitguru Says: If anyone's around and needs a fifth man for their team, grab me, I'll join you for a quick bot bash. 

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