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Taichung Computer Show kicks off in Taiwan

In terms of physical size, Taiwan is pretty close to Wales, but when it comes to population then the folks in Taff/Gogg land look positively stagnant in comparison. For while there are only 3 million people in Wales, Taiwan has close to 9 times as many inhabitants. Stands to reason that it might want more than one computer show. KitGuru avoids the stinky tofu and investigates.

With around 3 million people living in the whole of Wales, Taiwan’s 3rd city of Taichung comes in pretty close to parity with a little over 2.6 million locals. Starting 9th August and running through to the 13th of August the Taichung Computer Association Show is hoping to increase in importance for both the local population and visitors from nearby countries.

Back in 2010, the show had space for around 250 booths, but managed to get applications for more than 400 spaces.

The organiser’s Chairman, Sun Teng-yuan, was quotes way back in 2012 as saying “Central Taiwan needs a large-scale exhibition center” and he got his wish, with a major development kicking off close to the airport.Initially, they were planning for a space that would house 2,000 booths – with a move to 3,000 coming later. Wowzer.

If you live in the UK, this is just incredible.

Companies like Luxa2 and Asus are taking advantage of this show to present their latest products to a brand new audience.

See the latest in Luxa2 accessories plus cool products from Asus and Acer at the Taichung Computer Show
See the latest in Luxa2 accessories plus cool products from Asus and Acer at the Taichung Computer Show

KitGuru says: It looks like this show is going from strength to strength, but we’re still a little disappointed that the UK lags behind when it comes to major technology shows. Apart from The Gadget Show and Multiplay’s i-Series, there are very few opportunities for Brits to get hands on with the latest and greatest in tech. Why are we so poor at events?  Is it just because we’re so used to searching/buying online?

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