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Xbox One and PS4 Possible Release Dates Leaked

It seems that British toy store – Toys R Us – may have leaked the release dates for Sony’s and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

According to individual product pages found on the Toy R Us website, the Xbox One is set to be released on 29th November 2013, with the PS4 dropping two weeks later on 13th December 2013. Further evidence to believe these dates comes from the launch days of partnering games found on the retailer’s website.


While we knew that the next-generation consoles would be scheduled to launch around a time that allows them to capitalise on the Christmas buying period, the Toys R Us listings give us further indication of the exact days. As of yet, the consoles’ release dates have not been confirmed by Sony or Microsoft.

As we had expected from past news, pricing for the Xbox One is set to be £419.99, with the PS4 retailing for eighty pounds less at £339.99. Despite its £80-higher price tag, the Xbox One’s sales may see a boost from a fourteen day head-start that will attract early buyers and organised parents reluctant to wait until twelve days before Christmas for the PS4.

KitGuru says: These are the most precise indication of release dates that we have seen yet. Is the PS4’s suggested shipping date of December 13th pushing it a little too close to the big day?

Images: Toys R Us.

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