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Microsoft hints at digital sharing comeback

When the Xbox One was first announced, being able to digitally share games with friends and family was one of the few stand out features the console had that gamers supported. However, upon being forced to reverse its online policies, Microsoft removed the sharing feature and until now, we had …

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Trine 2 coming to the PS4

Trine 2: The Complete Story will make its way to the Playstation 4 after being a PC exclusive for almost 2 years. The developers, Frozenbyte, still want their game to reach as many systems as possible and will be self publishing the title. The best news for Playstation 4 buyers …

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Playstation 4 day one patch details

Sony has released details of the Playstation 4 day one patch that will add in and enable a bunch of features for the console. The day one download will only be 300MB though so it shouldn’t take too long for most people. The patch basically adds a few previously advertised …

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Another PS4 launch title delay

The Playstation 4’s launch day list of games is getting smaller as  Drive Club has now been pushed back until early 2014. This comes just a couple of days after Watch Dogs was sent packing into next year, though this one is perhaps more surprising, since it’s a first party …

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AMD Radeon HD 6870 benchmark performance

KitGuru is old in the tooth and likes naming conventions which don’t change. With the launch of the Radeon HD 6000 series, AMD has altered its naming strategy. The high end cards will now be the 6900 series (due November) and the 6800 cards that we’re looking at today, will …

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