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Call of Duty Ghosts next gen resolutions confirmed

The weeks of rumours and speculation are finally over, Infinity Ward has confirmed which next generation console will play at which resolution and It looks like the rumours were true- the Xbox One will run Call of Duty Ghosts at 720p with 60 frames per second while the Playstation 4 achieves the same performance at full 1080p.

Executive producer at Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, confirmed this on his twitter yesterday:

“Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven’t had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we’re native 1080p on PS4.  We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both. Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction.  Can’t wait for next week's launch.”

It's already looking like the Playstation 4 really does have that extra horsepower that we've been hearing so much about. Over the last generation we've seen multi-platforms generally performing and looking the same but this new one is already set to be different as Battlefield 4 will also run at a slightly higher resolution on the PS4 than the Xbox One.

Xbox One VS PS4

We already know that Ryse: Son of Rome also won't run at 1080p but Killzone: Shadow Fall will. 1080p gaming has been the standard for PC gamers for quite a while and with the graphics card war heating up, its become more affordable than ever. Having a ‘next gen' system that rarely hits the standard shouldn't be happening.

Kitguru Says: This could make the next generation pretty interesting. Microsoft is losing on specs but if it can just crank out a few amazing exclusives a year then people probably won't care if the graphics aren't quite as shiny. What do you guys think? 

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