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Call of Duty gets pun heavy with weed themed camo

Call of Duty isn't a particularly serious game, which is something surprising considering the praise heaped on it by the series' fans for its realistic graphics and effects every time one is released. However it's in the character packs for CoD: Ghosts that the silliness really shines through. Sitting between the …

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CoD Ghosts is definitely getting the Predator

If there was any doubt that the next Call of Duty: Ghosts content pack, Devastation, would have a Predator involved somehow – the stealthed reveal seemed pretty obvious – that has now been dispelled with the trailer for the DLC, which actually shows us the alien hunting alien, in the …

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Kim Dotcom claims number one spot on CoD: Ghosts

Well that didn't take long. Just a few hours after I wondered (sarcastically) where the man had disappeared to, Kim Dotcom, the Megaupload founder and current extradition trial fighter, has claimed the number one spot on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer, marking the second time in the history of the …

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Anyone seen Kim Dotcom?

Legally embattled Kim Dotcom is a face you see online quite often. He's regularly launching some rally, or announcing his intention to launch a new political party, or even just posting sarcastic comments about President Obama and his proclivity for spying on the world. But for the last day or …

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Call of Duty Ghosts official specs revealed

A while back we got some rumoured specs for Call of Duty Ghosts, which at the time a lot of us thought they were quite extreme with the recommended specs featuring a GTX 780. Well we still don't have the official recommended specifications but we do have the official minimum …

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