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Kim Dotcom claims number one spot on CoD: Ghosts

Well that didn’t take long. Just a few hours after I wondered (sarcastically) where the man had disappeared to, Kim Dotcom, the Megaupload founder and current extradition trial fighter, has claimed the number one spot on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer, marking the second time in the history of the series that he’s achieved that.

Announced via his Twitter account, Dotcom stated: “Call of Duty – Ghosts 20 hours of gaming Blisters on my thumbs Number One – AGAIN!” He also posted a picture of the current leaderboards to commemorate the achievement:

Dotcom, one of the few people it seems to utilise an ALL CAPS alias

It’s interesting to note though, that even though he’s ranked number one, Dotcom’s kill to death ratio isn’t actually that strong. Most people in the top 20 places easily beat him. What this suggests though, is that Dotcom is grabbing objectives and presumably increasing his score streak by completing them without dying. He’s number one and he’s a team player.

His score is also head and shoulders above the rest, with only the second place YKEminence giving him any sort of challenge on that front.

This is of course the second time Dotcom has claimed the top spot on a Call of Duty game. He also became the number one player on Modern Warfare 3 when it was released back in 2011.

KitGuru Says: So what are you guys waiting for? The game’s been out for almost twelve hours at this point. How are you ranking?

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  • muziqaz

    We rank BF4. Someone else can walk the dogs

  • EB

    How can you be a team player in free for all?

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  • Vilesyder

    It helps because the Kiwis are the first to get the damn game and get a huge head start on the rest of the world; even Aus has an hour and a half lag.
    See him hold it when some of the americans start getting equal played time.

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  • mega racer remembers me on mw3… agilepappa… he a good free for all player but he camps and he can only achieve a 1.63 k/d i can run about and achieve a 3.00 K/D to a 15.00 K/D if i camped i could achieve a 5.00K/D to a 30.00 K/D i have lost 20 free for all’s 50% due to connecting near the end of the game and won just under 800 wins my win to los (W/L) is 37.50 W/L i have only played 6 days where as mega racer has played 30 days i have 23,978 kills and 7,140 deaths this does not mean he is the best he doesnt have 7 MLG tornement records under the belt and held the record for 1st on cod 4 ffa kills for 5 years and am currently still legitimately 8th on cod4 13th on kills on mw2 6th on kills on mw3 held 25 1st on ffa, capture the flag, snd/dem. worlds fastest free for all completed in 2:21 without kill streaks (go to http://www.youtube.com/agilep1). most kills in 3 hours on blackops 2. 903 kills( 301 kills in a hour) i should have someone doing this for me

  • MantraMan

    AgilePappa, you are not belong to the elite player so who cares on what you say, what you can do is also everyone can do