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Anyone seen Kim Dotcom?

Legally embattled Kim Dotcom is a face you see online quite often. He's regularly launching some rally, or announcing his intention to launch a new political party, or even just posting sarcastic comments about President Obama and his proclivity for spying on the world. But for the last day or so, he's gone Twitter dark.

It's understandable why though, considering his last post from 3rd November reads: “In four hours and 30 minutes I will be busy, for a loooong time. #DoNotDisturb,” followed by a picture of Call of Duty Ghosts' logo. Dotcom has always been a big Call of Duty player and was ranked number one in the world for a short while on Modern Warfare 3.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-ltcCF_cAQ'] Just listen to those record numbers early on. GTA V laughs at them. 

Taking a look at Dotcom's profile, it looks like he's playing CoD: Ghosts as I write this up, which makes me wonder if he's gunning for pole position on this game too. Considering we haven't seen an originally produced video in several months, maybe we'll soon see another that depicts his crowning victory over all other console shooters?

Presumably if you're reading this you haven't picked up your copy of the new Call of Duty yet, as if you did stay up for a midnight launch, why would you be reading this now? Still, when you do get a chance to play, keep an eye out for MegaRacer, see if you can take him down.

KitGuru Says: Maybe if New Zealand president John Key wanted to shut Dotcom up, he should have just lobbied to get the German entrepreneur a beta key.

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