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Sony details PocketStation app on Vita

It was late last week that Sony revealed its difficult to follow teaser trailer, that went on and on and eventually just featured a piece of paper suggesting upcoming news about the PocketStation, a Japan only accessory for the original PlayStation that featured a screen and controls – like Sega's Dreamcast VM. Now that news has been released and it's that an application is coming to the Vita, called PocketStation.

It's not completely clear from the Google translated article of at Esuteru, but it seems like your Vita will be able to run a virtual PocketStation, letting you use it in the same way you would have back in the day, but without worrying about battery life. Presumably this will mean you can play any little games that were created for the PocketStation back in the early 2000s.

One game that looks like it will make an appearance for sure, is Dokodemo Issho, the PocketStation's biggest seller – managing to ship over 1.5 million copies, despite thee design restrictions of the hardware – and was the first game to feature the Toro Sony mascot. There's already a screenshot that suggests it will appear sooner rather than later.



However, once again it looks like Sony will be making this app only available freely in Japan, to those that are subscribed to the PlayStation Plus program.

KitGuru Says: I was never a PlayStation guy back in the day – N64 all the way – so I only ever heard of this bit of kit recently, but what about the rest of you? Chocobo games right?

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