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PlayStation Vita Emulator finally released for Android

Smartphones are low-key the best emulation devices that one could ask for – especially if you have a relatively modern Android Smartphone. Thanks to the tireless work of countless developers you are able to emulate dozens of consoles on smartphones, from the NES to the PlayStation 2 and even the Nintendo Switch. Finally, the much-anticipated Android release for the PS Vita emulator ‘VITA3K’ has gone live.

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With a bit of tape, a PS Vita can run in VR mode

Virtual Reality was just a pipe dream for most of us a few years ago, with the hardware and software to take us truly inside virtual worlds, seemingly impossible to perfect. Now though it seems, after Oculus led the way, anyone can make a brand new piece of VR gear …

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Sony to pay out over misleading PS Vita launch ads

Sony Computer Entertainment America has managed to come to a settlement with the FTC following allegations of false advertisement during the Playstation Vita's launch campaign. As part of the agreement, Sony is set to offer partial refunds of up to $50 to customers who purchased a Vita handheld before the …

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Sony: PS Vita has found its niche

Sony has insisted that it is not giving up on the Playstation Vita handheld, although it likely won't be receiving anymore big ‘console style' games like Killzone or Uncharted. The Vita has supposedly found its “niche” as a PS4 remote play device and is “trucking along”, according to Sony UK …

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Grim Fandango getting PC version after all

There wasn't really much doubt that Tim Schafer's seminal Grim Fandango wouldn't eventually hit PCs as well, when it was first announced at Sony's E3 conference as an upcoming PS4 remastered title. However that doesn't mean it's not nice to hear for sure, as Double Fine has now officially announced …

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Grim Fandango is coming back… on PS4

Amid all the chaos of yesterday's E3 launch day, with all the game announcements, on-stage bungles and helicopter shots of people playing games on a roof, one announcement threatened to put a long awaited smile on the face of old school point and click gamers… and then tore it away …

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Zavvi threatens legal action after its own mistake

British online retailer Zavvi.com, the relaunched arm of Zavvi, the bankrupt, previously Virgin Megastore chain, has threatened its customers with legal action, after it accidentally sent them free PS Vitas. In a letter to those affected by this fortunate circumstance, it threatened to take “all legal remedies available,” if they …

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Sony details PocketStation app on Vita

It was late last week that Sony revealed its difficult to follow teaser trailer, that went on and on and eventually just featured a piece of paper suggesting upcoming news about the PocketStation, a Japan only accessory for the original PlayStation that featured a screen and controls – like Sega's …

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Sony cuts Vita price in Japan ahead of PS4 unveil


Sony has slashed the price of the PS Vita in Japan, ahead of its conference on Wednesday, where it is expected to debut the PlayStation 4 console, as well as offer potential would wide price reductions for current-gen hardware. According to Reuters, you can now get the 3G Wifi version of the …

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Sony’s Kazuo Hirai claims console market not going away

Kazuo Hirai

While some people might point at the losses sustained by both Sony and Microsoft with the current generation of consoles, as evidence enough that the market is dying, Sony's relatively newly appointed CEO, Kazuo Hirai believes otherwise, saying that consoles “aren't going away any time soon.” Mr Hirai should know …

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Sony to release Playstation Vita end of year

Sony are hoping that their upcoming Playstation Vita portable is more of a success than the flagging Nintendo 3DS. According to latest reports, they are due to release the Vita in Japan in the middle of December. The company have said that the release will unfortunately miss the Christmas/end of …

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