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Zavvi threatens legal action after its own mistake

British online retailer Zavvi.com, the relaunched arm of Zavvi, the bankrupt, previously Virgin Megastore chain, has threatened its customers with legal action, after it accidentally sent them free PS Vitas. In a letter to those affected by this fortunate circumstance, it threatened to take “all legal remedies available,” if they don’t return the handheld.

This all started back in November when Zavvi.com accidentally sent out a PS Vita and Tearaway bundle to those that had just bought the game. When this happened, Zavvi asked its customers to send the hardware back. That’s completely understandable, but as was the response from many customers: no, you’re alright.

Zavvi wasn’t best pleased and has now issued a letter that reads as follows:


So now the people still sitting pretty with a new Vita (or more likely, a quick £100 in cash) have until 5PM today to respond.

You could argue either way for this one. Yes the people affected should return it, because it’s the honest and right thing to do. Likewise, Zavvi shouldn’t threaten these people, that’s just ridiculous. The legal costs for going after them would amount to more than the cost price of the Vita and on top of that, it would probably lose too. It made the mistake. All those people would have to do is say they never received the parcel and what recourse does Zavvi have?

KitGuru Says: If anything, it missed a great opportunity to generate some brilliant PR for itself – instead of the somewhat negative press it’s now getting. All it had to do was say, “an unfortunate mixup left some customers with a free gift. We’ve decided to let them keep it as a gesture of good will. Happy Christmas.”

No advertising can buy positive PR like that.

[Cheers CVG]

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  1. I think under UK law once the item has shipped or been taken out of the store it’s too late.

    As a merchant you can refuse to sell an item (correctly priced or not) but once paid for that’s it. These guys could and should get a visit from Trading Standards

  2. Brilliant! This is total Karma for all the tens of thousands of people, of which I was one, who bought gift vouchers a few years back during the build up to xmas only for Zavvi to not honor them due to bankruptcy and somehow still get away with trading to this day.

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