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Battlefield 4 PC issues ‘affecting a large number of players’

Battlefield 4 is one of the most popular games on the PC however the launch has been less smooth than developer DICE had hoped. They have been responding to reports of the game crashing, freezing and losing sound and assure people that a patch is on the way.

Readers on the Kitguru Facebook page have been sending us messages since launch complaining about problems. One reader said that he has been unable to play the game due to issues and this is on a Haswell system with a new AMD video card. Others have reported lost sound, poor frame rate performance and even losing save game files.

DICE have issued a statement ‘We are working on a PC client patch at the moment and hope to release it soon. We will share the patch notes once we have the patch contents finalised. The main focus is to fix as many crashes as possible, starting with the issues affecting a large number of players.'

The developer are addressing reports that multiplayer progress is also being lost and single player save files are being corrupted.

DICE will be releasing a fix soon for the multiplayer audio problems as well and they are also investigating reports that promotional Battlepack items are not appearing.

The company have issued four server updates already, and a fifth is coming soon.

Kitguru says: According to the latest industry figures, Battlefield 4 has not managed to outsell Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.

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