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Call of Duty Ghosts RAM requirement reduced

Call of Duty has never been the most demanding game so when it was announced that Call of Duty Ghosts would require 6GB RAM to launch, people thought that maybe Infinity Ward had stepped its game up, but when the game released it became clear that the game did not need 6GB RAM at all and modders soon found a way to bypass the hardware requirement.

With many people already getting past the 6GB wall, Infinity Ward has now decided to just reduce the requirement to 4GB in the latest multiplayer patch, making it much easier on everyone to play the game.

CoD Ghosts

The patch notes are going to be released later today so for now we don't know much else about what the latest update does. However, the PC community are a crafty bunch and have discovered some Esports features added to the game. They are available for private matches and were set to debut during the MLG Championships but for now it looks like PC users will be able to try them out first.

Broadcaster mode has also been added, giving users a new set of camera tools to play with including first-person, third-person and over the shoulder viewing modes.

Kitguru Says: The reduced RAM requirement is much more realistic for this game and I'm sure many lower end users will be glad to see it gone. 
Source: MP1st

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