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Another PS4 launch title delay

The Playstation 4's launch day list of games is getting smaller as  Drive Club has now been pushed back until early 2014. This comes just a couple of days after Watch Dogs was sent packing into next year, though this one is perhaps more surprising, since it's a first party title.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios announced the delay in a statement:

“SCE Worldwide Studios and the team at Evolution Studios have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Driveclub and Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014.”

The Sony president then added: “Driveclub will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision — and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations.”

Drive Club PS4 Evolution

Like Watch Dogs, Drive Club no longer has an official release date, instead we have another elusive time window, ‘early 2014'. Don't panic Playstation 4 pre-orderer's, you'll still have some games to look forward to on day one such as: KillZone: Shadow Fall, Minecraft, Assassins Creed IV, Fifa 14, Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals.

The PS4 will also include some free to play titles too including: DC Universe, War Thunder and War Frame. Games are pretty expensive these days so having some free to play options will be good for those who can only get one or two games at launch.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully no more launch titles get delayed, Sony won't want people canceling pre-orders due to a lacking game library. What games will you be picking up on launch? Are you interested in any of the free to play titles?  

Thanks- Polygon

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