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Apex Legends gains support for NVIDIA Reflex today

Today, Apex Legends officially implements NVIDIA Reflex, the new technology to reduce system latency/input lag in competitive games. So far, this has been implemented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Valorant and a couple of other select titles.  Apex Legends is the latest to join that growing list, implementing NVIDIA …

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It looks like Watch Dogs 2 is in development

It looks like Ubisoft is going ahead with a sequel to last year's new IP, Watch Dogs, which was hyped to no end prior to release but ended up disappointing many after the fact thanks to downgraded graphics and repetitive gameplay. While it is clear that the original game had …

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Larry Page wants Google 2.0 to build cities and airports

Google really does want to try and do everything, it's got driverless cars, Internet carrying balloons- heck, the company is even trying to eradicate death itself. However, apparently all of that isn't enough, as Google's CEO, Larry Page, has reportedly started up a new project, ‘Google 2.0', with plans to solve more …

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