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Twitch advert reveals Watch Dogs 2 early, coming November

Watch Dogs wasn't quite the home-run that Ubisoft was hoping for when it was released in early 2014, after years of teases and showcases; especially graphically. However it was successful enough to garner a sequel it seems, as a trailer for it has leaked ahead of next week's E3 show.

Although unconfirmed by Ubisoft, the trailer does make it quite clear what it's about. It was found by freelance game developer Steve “@Fobwashed” Kim who spotted the video as a Twitch advert and managed to record it before it was taken down. It seems someone at Twitch had an itchy trigger finger when it came to making the advert live.

The trailer shows that the game is set in San Francisco, that the new hot craze is wearing horse head masks and that Deadsec is making its big return. The graphics looks fantastic, though seem in-engine rather than in-game, so that isn't very telling considering the history we have with Watch Dog reveal trailers looking little like the final game.

We also learned that the game will available on the 15th November this year. That's not that far away. Expect more details at E3.

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KitGuru Says: Are you excited for a Watch Dogs sequel? I must admit the first one is still on my ever-growing list of “to play,” games that I'll probably never get to.


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