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F-Secure director accused of revealing consumer details

Finnish digital security firm, F-Secure, finds itself embroiled in an odd scandal right now. Following the dumping of some 400 names, addresses, places of work and other details of individuals by a Twitter user called MetalGodTokyo, some investigations turned up what appeared to be the identity of the person: Naomi …

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Problem with Times’ Snowden story? ‘Tell the government’

The Sunday Times is continuing to paint itself as a propagandist for the British government, after a response to further complaints against its recent exposé, which claimed that British and US spies' lives were put at risk thanks to Edward Snowden's released documents. In a correspondence with a reader, the newspaper's editor, …

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Star Wars Battlefront will be a multiplayer only game

Star Wars Battlefront finally has its first cinematic trailer and the first details about the game are officially available. Aside from the fact that the game will feature hero characters, including Darth Vader and Boba Fett, we now know that the game won't feature a dedicated single-player campaign mode. DICE …

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Researcher unveils 10 million people’s passwords

If you have been using the same password for years, then perhaps this will encourage you not to. A researcher by the name of Mark Burnett, has released a list of over 10 million passwords and usernames which he was able to harvest in clear text from various websites and …

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Windows 9 could be revealed September 30th

New reports are suggesting that we could see Windows 9 revealed at the end of September, the OS is supposedly codenamed ‘Threshold' and will hopefully have a smoother launch than Windows 8, which many PC users still refuse to upgrade to, despite the improvements it brings. This news came from The …

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Edward Snowden appears at TED via demolition man robot

TED talks are known for making us think about issues in a different or deeper way and bringing ideas to the fore, but rarely are they something we've already been talking about for almost a year. However that's what happened yesterday with a TED talk in Vancouver, when out from …

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