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Apex Legends gains support for NVIDIA Reflex today

Today, Apex Legends officially implements NVIDIA Reflex, the new technology to reduce system latency/input lag in competitive games. So far, this has been implemented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Valorant and a couple of other select titles. 

Apex Legends is the latest to join that growing list, implementing NVIDIA Reflex to improve input responsiveness. This is done through a new API that enables the game to complete ‘just-in-time' rendering, eliminating GPU rendering queues and reducing CPU load on GPU intensive scenes. Of course, those using a high refresh rate monitor will see the most benefit.

Aside from Apex Legends gaining NVIDIA Reflex today, the GeForce specialists also have one other piece of news- Watch Dogs Legion's updated PC system requirements.

When Ubisoft initially announced its PC system requirements for this game, it had to use last-gen GPUs for ray-tracing specs as the RTX 30 series had not launched yet. That has now changed, so as you would expect, the RTX 3080 is recommended for 4K/Ultra ray-tracing, the RTX 3070 is recommended for 1440p/very-high ray-tracing and the RTX 2060 (which has no 30-series replacement yet) is recommended for 1080p/high ray-tracing. You can see our full breakdown of Watch Dogs Legion's system requirements HERE.

KitGuru Says: A couple of interesting updates from Nvidia today. Have any of you tried NVIDIA Reflex in a supported game recently? Will you be switching it on in Apex Legends? 

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