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Playstation 4 day one patch details

Sony has released details of the Playstation 4 day one patch that will add in and enable a bunch of features for the console. The day one download will only be 300MB though so it shouldn't take too long for most people.

The patch basically adds a few previously advertised features and Blu ray and DVD playback support. Here is the full list:

  • Remote Play- Allows you to play PS4 games from your Vita.
  • Second Screen- Allows your phone, tablet or Vita to become a second screen for important information.
  • Record gameplay and screenshots- Allows the uploading and sharing of gameplay and screenshots from the console.
  • Broadcast and spectate gameplay- Allows game streaming through partnering services Ustream and Twitch.
  • Play as you download- Allows users to start playing the game after a certain amount of it has been downloaded.
  • Multi login- 4 users can log in at once.
  • Party chat- Allows you to converse with up to 8 people at a time.
  • Face recognition and voice commands- For playstation camera users, you can login to your account through facial recognition and navigate through the console with voice commands.
  • Background music player- Allows the music unlimited service to play in the background.
  • Online multiplayer- now requires a PSN membership.
  • DVD and Blu ray playback support.


This is a required update and mostly contains the basic features we were expecting to have upon powering up the console for the first time. Sony also noted in the blog post that some features such as the suspend/resume mode won't work straight away, not every missing feature was listed so we will have to wait and see when the console comes out.

Kitguru Says: The thing that I found odd was that this patch was necessary to even watch a Blu Ray.That said, it's not a massive file so it shouldn't be a big deal. Are you guys looking forward to getting your hands on a next gen console?

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