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Xbox One will boot up faster than your TV

It seems that whenever the Xbox One makes headlines, it's not often good news, but today is different. We're taking a break from privacy concerns, low resolutions and delays to tell you that the Xbox One will boot up faster than your TV.

While this is pretty minimal, slow boot times can be a pain. Windows 8 did a good job of improving boot times and now with the Xbox One's super optimised operating system, it will boot up even faster. Xbox Director of Planning, Albert Penello, explained the Xbox One's power stages and how the standby system works.

“On is On. Off is Off. Standby allows ‘Xbox On', quick resume, checking for updates, etc,” Penello said. “Standby is the mode we'd like to see people in, obviously, so you get back to gaming or watching TV really quick. From standby, it's likely the Xbox will be on before the TV is completely powered up.”


This quick start feature isn't from a cold boot though, its a standby mode much like how your TV works but the Xbox's low powered state allows it to check for updates and prepare everything while you're away from your console. Having everything happen for you automatically is a very convenient feature. It'll probably be power efficient too so it won't be a burden on your electricity bill.

Microsoft have yet to comment on how fast the Xbox One will boot up from its off state but with the console arriving in most territories later this month, it won't be long before we find out anyway.

Kitguru Says: Little features like this could really help set the next generation apart from the current. Gamers like to make things about graphics a lot of the time but little things like power efficiency can help make a difference too. 

Source: Albert Penello on Reddit

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