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Three more developers sign on to support Mantle API

Last month AMD lifted the curtain on the new Mantle API it developed, promising lower level hardware access similar to how developers create games for console hardware. The announcement got many people wondering just how much of a performance gain they could get from it and at the same time wondering how many developers would support it.

We already know DICE is implementing Mantle into Battlefield 4 next month, we also know that the game developer is implementing it into the Frostbite engine 3 with around 15 games currently being developer on that platform. For Mantle to become a success it needs the support of more than one developer though, so AMD is no doubt pleased to hear that Cloud Imperium Games, Eidos-Montreal and Oxide Games have signed on to support the new API.

To give you an idea of what these developers are cranking out, Cloud Imperium is the developer behind the much anticipated game Star Citizen while Eidos is working on the new Thief game and Oxide Games just revealed its new Nitrous engine.


With this new announcement we can expect to see plenty of games coming over the next year running on Mantle and we'll get a good gauge on performance improvements when the Mantle patch hits Battlefield 4 next month. It should be noted that Thief may not actually support Mantle, the statement from Eidos was a bit vague to really say for certain:

“Mantle lets you use AMD Radeon GPUs the way they are meant to be used, unlocking many new opportunities and increased CPU and GPU performance,” said David Anfossi, studio head, Eidos-Montréal. “Because of this, Mantle is one of the most important changes to PC graphics in many years.”

Kitguru Says: I'm looking forward to seeing the performance benefit that Mantle will bring and this additional support will certainly help AMD's cause. If the performance gains are good enough then more developers will likely support it and we as PC gamers will all enjoy the benefits- That is as long as you have a GCN based GPU, so anything 7000 series or higher. 

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