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Final Stand won’t be the last Battlefield 4 DLC

Battlefield developer, DICE, has promised that the Final Stand expansion won’t be the last update or bit of new content we will see for Battlefield 4. Writing in a Battlelog blog post, the developer said that it will continue to support the game, which launched back in November 2013. “With …

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DICE releases Mantle performance numbers

The Mantle patch for Battlefield 4 has finally arrived along with AMD’s accompanying beta driver, in addition to the news, DICE has gone ahead and posted some performance numbers along with details of what system configuration the team was using in order to give users an idea of what they …

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China bans Battlefield 4

Some bad news came down the pipeline over the weekend as Battlefield 4 has been officially banned in China and as you might know, a Chinese ban is pretty strict. Not only can the game not be sold but the Chinese Ministry of Culture has issued a notice prohibiting the …

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EA in BF4 legal investigation

EA is in a tricky situation right now, it’s already annoyed its customers with the rushed and buggy release of Battlefield 4 but now it seems that law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, believes that  EA may have lied about the game’s progress to keep investors happy. proposal argument essay …

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Three more developers sign on to support Mantle API

Last month AMD lifted the curtain on the new Mantle API it developed, promising lower level hardware access similar to how developers create games for console hardware. The announcement got many people wondering just how much of a performance gain they could get from it and at the same time …

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Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps and modes available day one

DICE, shortly after revealing the new improvements to its Battlelog, has now dished out more information. This time its about the multiplayer experience we can expect on day one, with multiplayer maps and modes being announced. Returning modes will include; Conquest Team Deathmatch Rush Squad Deathmatch Domination With two new modes: …

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Battlefield 4 will include in game Battlelog

DICE has released details of its new and improved Battlelog system. Battlefield 3 had you exiting the game and returning to a webpage every time you wanted to change multiplayer servers or play some campaign on your own for a while; it was a confusing and unnecessary experiment. However, now Battlelog …

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Battlefield 4 minimum specs revealed

Is your PC Battlefield 4 ready? It better be if you want to continue calling yourself part of the PC gaming “master race,” and I know you love doing that. Still, you won’t need anything too hectic to just get this game to run, even if the OS recommendation is …

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Battlefield 4 release date leaked

Battlefield 4

Microsoft may have leaked the date that Battlefield 4 is set to launch, after it revealed it on the official Xbox blog, before immediately removing it. Fortunately, some intrepid users were able to snatch a screenshot, so we can confirm that the rumoured date is 29th October, 2013. Whether this …

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