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DICE releases Mantle performance numbers

The Mantle patch for Battlefield 4 has finally arrived along with AMD’s accompanying beta driver, in addition to the news, DICE has gone ahead and posted some performance numbers along with details of what system configuration the team was using in order to give users an idea of what they can expect while running the Mantle API.

To get yourself started you’re going to need AMD’s 14.1 Beta drivers and a 64 bit version of Windows 7 or 8. All GCN enabled graphics cards are supported which includes anything from the HD7000 series, R7 and R9 series as well as Richland and Kaveri APU’s.

The first test DICE ran used an AMD A10-7850K APU with no additional graphics card,  the game was running at 720p with medium settings, while playing through the level ‘Singapore Beach’ during the single player game. Mantle gave the APU a 14 per cent performance boost bringing the frame rate up from 39 frames per second to 43.

APU Mantle Results

Test two features an AMD FX-8350 CPU paired with a Radeon HD7970, the game was running at 1080p with ultra settings enabled although the MSAA was set to 1x. While playing through the ‘Siege of Shanghai’ level during a 64 player multiplayer match, Mantle delivered a 25.1 per cent performance boost bringing the frame rate up from 53 frames per second to 67.

7970 Mantle Results

The final test features a truly high end set up with an Intel Core i7-3970x Extreme CPU paired with two R9 290X graphics cards. The game was running at 1080p with ultra settings and 4x MSAA. For this test, DICE decided to go back to the single player portion of the game and play through the level ‘South China Sea’ in which Mantle brought a huge 58 per cent performance boost, bringing the game up from 78 frames per second to 116.

290X Crossfire Mantle Results

Johan Andersson, one of the Technical Directors working on the Frostbite engine explained just how much of an impact Mantle has on performance:

“The biggest performance gains can be seen when the game is bottlenecked by the CPU which can be quite common even on high-end machines and this was main goal to improve on with Mantle. We’ve also been able to streamline and optimize some of the GPU workload. The end result is that game performance is improved in virtually all scenarios in Battlefield 4 on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 when running with Mantle!”

KitGuru Says: These results look fairly promising, although it would have been nice to see a bigger performance gain on the APU test. Either way, Mantle is set to give us more out of our hardware, what do you guys think of these results? 

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  • satrow

    You might want to check this page over, Malwarebytes 2.0 Beta is flagging something attempting to connect to imgcdn.nrelate.com as malicious.

  • Klimax

    Not much of it. There appear to be problems with drawing distance (fog looks bit closer obscuring more). And I suspect we see gains more from GCN specific optimizations then Mantle. For one, many things AMD touts for Mantle are present in DirectX.
    “In response, AMD told us that developers have tried to do it but haven’t had much success with using such techniques with existing APIs, and that it requires Mantle to do the job properly. It’s not immediately clear to us if this is because of AMD’s refusal to implement the support in its drivers, or if there really is a problem with using Direct3D in this way; there is clearly something of the chicken and the egg at work here.”
    Trouble is, AMD lied. There is game which uses Driver Command List and which saw massive boost of performance. On NVidia cards. To such tune, that NVidia’s cards outmatched AMD by massive difference and still gap was such, that 7970 overtook 580 only bit narrowly. Apparently to this date, AMD doesn’t support it.

    Which means AMD is the problem and not DirectX! However I guess they never implement it now, otherwise their vendor specific lock-in like API would lose any relevancy before it started…

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  • Villz

    I’m all for things that will push tech further and in term help mankind in general. Competition improves the breed API’s included!