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China bans Battlefield 4

Some bad news came down the pipeline over the weekend as Battlefield 4 has been officially banned in China and as you might know, a Chinese ban is pretty strict. Not only can the game not be sold but the Chinese Ministry of Culture has issued a notice prohibiting the use of all materials related to the game including: downloads, patches, demo’s and even news reports. You’d think that would be it but no, China has also banned the title of the game itself, so as you can see, China really covers all of its bases when it comes to banning something.

China is very protective over anything that threatens its culture and since Battlefield 4’s plot pretty much centres around your squad killing off Chinese and Russian soldiers- the ban isn’t surprising. The game’s plot is something that the Chinese Ministry of Culture sees as an “invasion of culture”, it also claims that the game “smears China’s image”.


Battlefield 4 has faced one problem after another since launch, sure things started off well but after a few days everything fell to pieces. This is probably down to an inadequate testing period and as a result, buyers of the game have essentially become unpaid game testers, finding bugs and reporting issues that should have been squashed before release.

KitGuru Says: At least China isn’t joining in on the recent lawsuits that are currently being thrown at EA, it’s one thing to have investors mad at you but I’m pretty sure the Publisher wouldn’t want to go up against an entire country. 

Source: Forbes

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  1. Pretty sure this is great publicity, just like when Call of Duty was banned in Russia.