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Battlefield 4’s Spring update lands tomorrow

You would think that since Battlefield Hardline is out now, Battlefield 4 would be getting a little less attention. However, this has not been the case at all as DICE is still adding new things to its latest game in the franchise.

Tomorrow Battlefield 4 will be getting a big Spring update, adding in new weapons and bringing back an older game mode. There will be five new weapons in total and DICE has gone ahead and rebalanced the gunplay for the entire game in an effort to create “distinct roles” for all of the weapon classes.


Battlefield 4 will be getting another game mode as well, bringing back ‘Gun Master’, which was last seen in Battlefield 3. Aside from that, the game will be getting its usual round of updates, making improvements to the netcode and PC stability, although the game has been running pretty smoothly for some time now.

Unfortunately, DICE and EA are still intent on using the Battlelog browser system, rather than using a traditional in-game server browser, which some won’t mind but has always been a bit of a turn off for me personally.

You can read DICE’s rundown of the Spring update, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: If you have avoided Battlefield 4 so far, then now might be a good time to jump in. Plenty of time has passed so the issues appear to be resolved for the most part and you could probably find it pretty cheap. Are any of you still playing Battlefield 4?

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