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DICE is killing off BF4 bugs one by one

Despite their mammoth budgets, contemporary games often ship with a host of unexpected bugs, you just have to hope they don't affect you on day one. A good measure of the developer that released the title is how they deal with these problems and DICE seems to be taking Battlefield 4's pretty seriously, releasing a list of the issues it's working on and their current status.

Published over on the official forums, the breakdown has flaws like the magazine reload bug and some problems with Xbox 360 missions listed as fixed, whilst others are currently being investigated. These include progress loss in single and multiplayer modes, with DICE requesting members of the community send in any bug reports that could be relevant, as well as any circumstantial evidence.


However the breach that's been shored up in the past 24 hours, is a PC server queue problem, where it was impossible to join some servers in the multiplayer mode. Chances are most should have received this update by now, but DICE did warn that some servers could take until well into Monday before it was completely rolled out.

As part of the post the developer also talked about what it's already done, having released four server side patches which fix things at its end,  though it did say there were client patches for all platforms in the works.

If you've encountered a strange bug in Battlefield 4, head over to the forums and let DICE know, it should help it get fixed faster.

Kitguru Says: Any of you bumped into some strange bug in the game yet?

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