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A new Nexus device might be sitting on the Android website right now

Last week Android 4.4 Kit Kat was released alongside the Nexus 5 and as a result, the official Android website has been updated but Google fans have spotted something out of the ordinary on the Apps & Entertainment page.

The first image the page greets you with has a father and daughter sat in an airport with a Nexus 7 but a bit further down the page we find this picture:

Google Apps & Entertainment

Google's strategy this year seems to be building up hype by purposefully leaking its own upcoming devices, offering fans a quick glimpse of things to come to get them talking about it and so far its worked as the Nexus 5 now has a 3 week waiting list to get your hands on one.

Many people are thinking that this new tablet could be the Nexus 8 as it looks too small to be the Nexus 10 but that would seem like an odd move that could compromise the Nexus 7's sales. Maybe the Nexus 10 just has some seriously shrunk down bezels but we won't know for sure until someone at Google speaks out and reveals what's going on.

KitGuru Says: I think Google have got it right, there's no way to stop leaks these days and they seem to happen regardless of what any company does so opting to control the leak themselves could be a good way of going about it. As far as a Nexus 8 goes, I'm not sure why that would be a thing but it could mean Google wants to shift away from its previous 10″ tablet and downsize. Would you guys like to see a Nexus 8?

Source: Android Community

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