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Battlefield 4 will have a recommended 12GB install on Xbox 360

If Xbox 360 buyers were hoping to get straight into the Battlefield 4 action this may be bad news for you: EA has announced that in order to get the best experience on the Xbox 360 you will need to install an additional 12GB worth of content.

The required install file to play is actually only 2GB but after that you will be given the option to install an additional 6.6GB file for the multilayer and another 5.8GB file for the single player. You might deem it unnecessary but EA has a different view.

“We highly recommend performing these additional installations to make sure you have the best experience possible in Battlefield 4” EA stated in a blog post.

We PC gamers are used to our massive file sizes by now but for console gamers this is still a new thing; the ageing hardware could take a while to chug through an install this big. You could cut your waiting time in half by just sticking to the multilayer, which is what a lot of people usually buy games like Battlefield and Call of Duty for in the first place, but it could still be a lengthy process.


KitGuru Says: If you've ever played on a PC then you're probably used to big downloads and installs. This will probably only set you back an hour or so but you might want to make some room on your HDD.

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