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Battlefield 4 will include in game Battlelog

DICE has released details of its new and improved Battlelog system. Battlefield 3 had you exiting the game and returning to a webpage every time you wanted to change multiplayer servers or play some campaign on your own for a while; it was a confusing and unnecessary experiment. However, now Battlelog will be an in-game feature.


Other improvements will include synchronisation between the tablet, web and in game versions of Battlelog. DICE has also thrown in a ‘remote joining' feature.

“Remote Joining is another really cool game-connected feature. Now you can pull up the list of servers on Battlelog, find the one you want to play on, and press “Join”. It’ll pull you right into that server. It’s extremely fast and fluid and a whole new way to find games on both console and PC.” said a DICE spokesperson.

Basically it works the way it always should've from the start. That said, one feature that should be a pleasant surprise, is the ability to create your own missions. Friends can set score based challenges on maps that you can compete in and you'll get a notification in Battlelog when you are invited to take part in a challenge.

KitGuru Says: I didn't like the way Battlelog was previously handled, going in and out of the game and having to launch it through a webpage. It's a hassle and quite distracting. Now that everything is going to be handled in-game it will hopefully be a better experience. Are you guys happy with the Battlelog changes?

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