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KitGuru writer writes book, plugs it on front-page

That’s right folks. A KitGuru writer, going by the obviously ridiculous pen name of “Jon Martindale,” has written a book and he’s looking to plug it on the homepage of our favourite tech site. Can you believe the balls on this guy? He’s not written some sort of in-depth tech manual, user guide, or even “best graphics cards of 2013,” but has in-fact, decided to dabble in fiction. As if that’s something that even exists… right?

Rhetorical questions and third person discussions aside: hey guys, I’m Jon. If you’ve been reading KitGuru’s news at any point in the past year or so, it’s likely that you’ve chanced upon one of my pieces. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them and found them informative, but they’re not all I’ve been working on. During this time and for several years before it, I’ve been writing a book: my first novel, entitled “The Medicine“. Finally now, after just under four years of writing and editing it’s  ready to hit the digital shelves of the internet and I’m hoping I can convince you to pick up a copy.


I picked up two myself.

If the cover art of a tribal woman, sprouting a strange fungal growth from her half dead mouth didn’t entice you to skip to the link filled conclusion of this piece, then how about a plot synopsis?

“Lindsey Sterling, ex-nurse and conservationist, is travelling to the heart of South America to survey a newly discovered rainforest. Her task: to keep everyone alive and healthy whilst dealing with their team leader’s imperfections.”

“But her group isn’t the only one interested in the region and a local tribe could prove far too dangerous to deal with; especially when the jungle seems to have its own way of maintaining a steady human population.”

Intrigued? I hope so. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this story with someone other than my girl and a few close friends for a long time now. My family is going to buy it for sure, but their sugar coated opinions aren’t what I’m looking for. I want the real readers, the day to day guys that have helped me realise I can write more gooder (or however you say it) by keeping up with my day to day ramblings on what’s going on in the world of tech.

There are Kindle and Paperback versions and I’ve priced both as competitively as I can. However I know times are tough, so how about this: my favourite three Facebook comments or Amazon reviews (after you’ve read it only, please) about the book, will get a signed print copy sent out to them by me personally, along with the ebook in their preferred format and a signed, blown up picture of the cover.

So go on, check out the following links:

Amazon Product page

My Facebook Fan page

My Twitter

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading and thanks to our fearless leader Zardon, for allowing me to selflessly plug my other work here.

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