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Lovefilm revamps PS3 app with version 2.0

LoveFilm, a former Amazon company was bought up by the retail giant once again after it started doing very well in the DVD rental game. Today though it’s all about online streaming, and in that department (especially on the PS3) LoveFilm just wasn’t as fancy as its main competitor, Netflix. Now though, that’s all changed, with the introduction of LoveFilm 2.0.

This new iteration of the app brings a lot of new changes, the most initially noticeable of which, is the new layout, which is far cleaner and easier to navigate than before. Recently watched shows can now be instantly accessed and you can tag shows you’d like to watch later, to give you quicker access to them if you’re browsing through for something else at the time.

“Since the PS3 was one of the first devices to run Lovefilm Instant, it’s fair to say that a freshen-up was due. And, happily, this is more than just a facelift. The app’s functionality has been rebuilt, so it’s an under-(inter)-face lift too,” said Darren Bignell, senior communications manager for LoveFilm (via Pocket Lint).

“I could bang on about SmoothStreaming technology, adaptive bitrates and the like (although I’d need to understand it properly first), but the short version is this: it looks better, it plays better, it (hopefully) makes your PS3 streaming experience better all round.”

KitGuru Says: Good to see LoveFilm staying competitive with Netflix. That can only help pricing and content wars, which should benefit the consumer in the long run. Huzzah. 

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