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Say goodbye to Lovefilm

Lovefilm, one of Netflix’s longest running competitors – though not on the same level – is set to disappear soon, as Amazon is going to rebrand the service to Amazon Instant Video and bundle it into the Amazon Prime Service, offering media and free shipping all in the same breath. …

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Lovefilm ends game rentals

If you thought the Xbox One was a threat to game rentals, it’s not the only one. Lovefilm, long time DVD and game rental firm, has announced that it will no longer be sending out game discs, in an effort to refocus on DVD movies and streaming. However, if you …

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Even with Netflix, people still pirate

One of the main reasons given by pirates for their downloading of TV shows and movies, is that there’s no decent quality, convenient and fast way to watch the content when they want, how they want. However, this isn’t necessarily the case with the recent launch of the Netflix funded …

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Lovefilm revamps PS3 app with version 2.0

LoveFilm, a former Amazon company was bought up by the retail giant once again after it started doing very well in the DVD rental game. Today though it’s all about online streaming, and in that department (especially on the PS3) LoveFilm just wasn’t as fancy as its main competitor, Netflix. …

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Lovefilm cuts back streaming offerings

LoveFilm Instant

One of the big selling points of a streaming library is the sheer number of films and TV shows it offers. Today Lovefilm’s total dropped by more than 60, as it axed Doctor Who and a plethora of other shows. This marks an about face by Lovefilm – once owned …

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