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Lovefilm ends game rentals

If you thought the Xbox One was a threat to game rentals, it's not the only one. Lovefilm, long time DVD and game rental firm, has announced that it will no longer be sending out game discs, in an effort to refocus on DVD movies and streaming.

However, if you do have a game rental account with the company currently, the wording of the announcement is a little ambiguous, making it sound like you might be able to rent games for a little while longer, just those without game rental accounts won't be able to switch over – or something.

Lovefilm was initially an Amazon company, sold and then re-bought by the American retailer

“We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package,” reads the site's FAQ (via GameBrit).”In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it.”

Chances are it will be faded out for current customers too, as some have noted that not all recent releases are appearing on the site.

KitGuru Says: I think I still have a copy of Mirror's Edge somewhere from my LoveFilm days. As far as I remember, they sent one copy out, it never arrived, so I requested another, then both turned up. What was I going to do, send them both back?

I think not. 

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