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Nintendo doing things a little different at E3

By… not doing things at E3.

This is of course not too much of a surprise, as Nintendo did tell us it wouldn’t be doing a big reveal at this year’s E3 and would instead by hosting a lot of smaller events, but this one is a pretty smart one. Instead of doing much at the E3 expo at all, trying to compete with other companies on the same floor, it’s going to make several of its unreleased Wii U games playable at 100 Best Buy locations around America during the show.

You don’t need a ticket to play these, you don’t need to be a journalist and you don’t need to worry about paying for flights and accommodation, as your local Best Buy may well just have the same kind of stuff at years past you’d have had to make a special effort to get a hands on go with. Of course depending on the popularity of the stores, actually getting to play might not be too easy, but that would  be the same with the actual show anyway.

“See you guys at BestBuy”

As Kotaku points out, this is doubly good of Nintendo, as it lets average gamers in on the action, which is where it needs a real popularity boost. Many journalists – the kind set to visit E3 – have been giving the company glowing reviews for its products, but it’s not shifting consoles. Giving people a hands on go with the system is much more likely to do that.

At E3, Nintendo is showing off the next Mario game, new Mario Kart and the newest rendition of Smash Bros, but whether these will appear in the Best Buy stores is unknown.

KitGuru Says: This is actually pretty smart. It’s a consumer winner, but whether that will counter the bad press from the Youtube attack, I’m not so sure. 

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