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Huawei publicly refutes US Government claims of espionage

Huawei has taken a massive hit in the United States market in recent months, as the US government dropped all contracts with the company after claims that the smartphone manufacturer was in the pocket of the Chinese authorities. Huawei has now fired back, calling the accusations of espionage preposterous and …

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Nintendo doing things a little different at E3

By… not doing things at E3. This is of course not too much of a surprise, as Nintendo did tell us it wouldn't be doing a big reveal at this year's E3 and would instead by hosting a lot of smaller events, but this one is a pretty smart one. …

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Best Buy is dying – Schulze launches rescue bid

Founded in 1966, Best Buy enjoyed around 40 years of success. However, its decision to rapidly expand across the globe – just as the globe was beginning a nightmare financial meltdown – has left it on life support with a very poor prognosis from the financial spin doctors. KitGuru ponders …

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Motorola Xoom to get preorders at Best Buy

Best Buy in the US are showing the Motorola Xoom listed for $799, this version is 3G capable and upgradeable to 4G. This 10.1 inch Tablet is set to target the Apple iPad and if adoption rates are as good as the smartphone Droid marketplace then it may cost Apple …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab $499 coming to BestBuy

The hotly awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to Best Buy in November with a $499 price for the WiFi version and a $599 price for the WiFi/3G version. They will be offered by Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Gadget blog Pocketables found Best Buy signs advertising the Galaxy Tab silver …

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iPad pushed to all 1,093 US Best Buy stores on September 26th

The Apple monster continues to roll and US leading retailer Best Buy are going to start selling the ipad in ALL of the US stores from September the 26th to boost holiday sales. Chris Burritt reported the information on BloomBerg and Apple's Chief Executive officer Brian Dunn said: “Expanding iPad …

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