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Motorola Xoom to get preorders at Best Buy

Best Buy in the US are showing the Motorola Xoom listed for $799, this version is 3G capable and upgradeable to 4G.

This 10.1 inch Tablet is set to target the Apple iPad and if adoption rates are as good as the smartphone Droid marketplace then it may cost Apple some sales. The Xoom comes with a dual core nVidia processor, a 1280×800 display and a dual camera setup. It will be available in America from Thursday and it has 1GB of system memory and a 32GB flash drive for storage.

When compared directly to the iPad, the Xoom is certainly technically a stronger platform, as the iPad only has a single core A4 chip, has no camera support and a lower resolution display (1024×768). The iPad can also not be upgraded to support 4G. The iPad 2 which is due for release in the near future addresses some of these issues and will come with a dual core processor and dual cameras.

The Xoom is going to be much sought after by Android followers as it will ship with V 3.0 of the Android operating system (Honeycomb). This is the first OS from Google to have been designed specifically for the tablet platform and will fully utilise the nVidia dual core Tegra processor to offer ‘PC like performance' and multitasking.

KitGuru says: Best Buy are also listing a range of accessories for the Xoom, such as cases, docks, speakers and a wireless keyboard.

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